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Welcome to the Universe of Imagination!

Action Figure Universe, where the comparative mythology of Joseph Campbell meets pop culture & modern mass media memorabilia, is an interactive entertainment scrapbook & resource site, all about figures of action & adventure of the mythic past, present & future, as they appear in their various forms in human history, popular art & the ever-expanding collectible toy market.

For me, collecting, enjoying & studying action figures isn't just about childhood memories.  It's an important part of personal growth & self-actualization, as well as a fun way to remain creative & imaginative throughout life's amazing journey.

Many of the action characters (heroes & villains alike) you will find here were conceived for adults, while others were originally intended for a younger audience.  Bearing in mind that no one is ever too old to be young at heart, I bid you welcome to the Action Figure Universe.

While you're here, feel free to explore the boundless reaches of child-like wonder & imagination that have long inspired people of all ages to not just dream, but to do, create & of course, PLAY.  As you step beyond the threshold of the so-called "real world," take heart & remember...

"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play."


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Monday, December 20, 2010

High End 1/6th Scale Action Figure Prices are Increasingly Out of This World!

Large scale action figures featuring cloth clothes have come a long way since the revival of the 1/6 scale G.I. Joe in the early 1990s.  Back then, adult collectors were thrilled to see 12" figures make a major comeback with the re-introduction of Hasbro's Hall of Fame line of G.I. Joes.  It all began in 1991 with the Target Exclusive Duke.  Measured by today's increasingly detailed and authentic standards of quality, that first issue of Target Duke was a terrible slouch, but back then, he was a definite sight for sore eyes.

Unfortunately, the body that was used for Target Duke was absolutely nothing like the original G.I. Joe action soldier design of the 60s and 70s.  In fact, with its sad lack of articulation, it was more akin to a muscle bound Ken doll, but at least, after a 15 year hiatus since the last 1/6th scale G.I. Joe figures were produced by Hasbro, it was a definite start and a good sign of promising things to come.

Duke even featured "fuzzy" hair, though admittedly, it wasn't much compared to the original flocked, fuzz haired G.I. Joes of the Adventure Team collection of the 1970s.  Despite its now painfully visible flaws, the figure was a major hit for the Target retail chain and led the way to successive improvements in large scale figures which, in that size, could be produced with an added level of detail, authenticity and increased articulation.  And boy, since 1991, have we seen detail, authenticity and increased articulation!

The only major problem is that many of the newest lines of 12" action figures are increasingly expensive, making them more and more out of reach for quite a few collectors - particularly since many countries in the world are still very much in the midst of a global downturn.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most expensive 1/6th scale figures tend to come from the high end Japanese collectors market from companies such as Hot Toys and Medicom.  To be sure, Hot Toys has clearly stunned collectors in the very recent past with the unrivaled quality, accuracy and detail of their licensed character properties such as Michael Jackson, Rambo and Inglourious Basterds, but when are the inflationary price tags going to come down to a level that collectors outside of Japan can realistically afford?
12:33 am jst

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