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Welcome to the Universe of Imagination!

Action Figure Universe, where the comparative mythology of Joseph Campbell meets pop culture & modern mass media memorabilia, is an interactive entertainment scrapbook & resource site, all about figures of action & adventure of the mythic past, present & future, as they appear in their various forms in human history, popular art & the ever-expanding collectible toy market.

For me, collecting, enjoying & studying action figures isn't just about childhood memories.  It's an important part of personal growth & self-actualization, as well as a fun way to remain creative & imaginative throughout life's amazing journey.

Many of the action characters (heroes & villains alike) you will find here were conceived for adults, while others were originally intended for a younger audience.  Bearing in mind that no one is ever too old to be young at heart, I bid you welcome to the Action Figure Universe.

While you're here, feel free to explore the boundless reaches of child-like wonder & imagination that have long inspired people of all ages to not just dream, but to do, create & of course, PLAY.  As you step beyond the threshold of the so-called "real world," take heart & remember...

"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play."


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Starlog Covers

Starlog, once billed as "the magazine of the future," may no longer grace newsstands and comic shop shelves both near and far, but the much loved publication is certainly far from forgotten.  At least this fan of the classic "science fiction universe" periodical still misses that marvelous mag a whole heck of a lot.

So what's a fantastic film and toy loving kidult like yours truly to do nowadays, when there's no late breaking scifi news source out there that even comes close to the geeky goodness of classic Starlog magazine?

Well, for starters, since in large part, I probably owe the creation of this website/blog to my childhood fascination with Starlog magazine, I determined some time ago, to create a Starlog tribute page.  And that I certainly did do - with the intention, of course, of displaying every single cover of every single issue of Starlog ever published in North America.

Well... I'm not quite there yet, but I've made a whole lot of progress recently, so I figured I'd brag about it just a little bit.  A very, very little bit, actually.  But... I did manage to put up more than 180 new Starlog covers in just the past few days, so I guess that's nothing to sneeze at.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, 'cause naturally, as always, there's more on the way.

So even though the vaunted classic magazine of the future is now more or less a fixture of the past, I for one would still like to keep its memory alive for many years to come.  Here's to the future!  But... while you're waiting for it to unfold, why not head on over to the Starlog Magazine Tribute page of Action Figure Universe and have a look at over 200 (and counting) covers of the coolest science fiction entertainment periodical ever.

10:02 pm jst

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