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Welcome to the Universe of Imagination!

Action Figure Universe, where the comparative mythology of Joseph Campbell meets pop culture & modern mass media memorabilia, is an interactive entertainment scrapbook & resource site, all about figures of action & adventure of the mythic past, present & future, as they appear in their various forms in human history, popular art & the ever-expanding collectible toy market.

For me, collecting, enjoying & studying action figures isn't just about childhood memories.  It's an important part of personal growth & self-actualization, as well as a fun way to remain creative & imaginative throughout life's amazing journey.

Many of the action characters (heroes & villains alike) you will find here were conceived for adults, while others were originally intended for a younger audience.  Bearing in mind that no one is ever too old to be young at heart, I bid you welcome to the Action Figure Universe.

While you're here, feel free to explore the boundless reaches of child-like wonder & imagination that have long inspired people of all ages to not just dream, but to do, create & of course, PLAY.  As you step beyond the threshold of the so-called "real world," take heart & remember...

"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play."


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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Johnny Goes South of the Border

My most recent major update to the site showcases a very interesting Mexican made Johnny West reissue figure.  There are a number of flaws and quirks in this classic JW set, but I couldn't resist acquiring it, if for no other reason than to compare it to bonafide vintage versions of the classic toy.

Although this Mexican made Johnny doesn't quite measure up in every way, I still consider it to be a valuable part of my Marx toy collection.  After all, this figure was made from vintage Marx molds.  As a result, he's very much the same "movable cowboy" that so many children in the 1960s and 70s grew up playing with.

The only problem is that the usual care and high standards of quality practiced by the original Marx Toy Company in their now long defunct factories just doesn't seem to be practiced in quite the same way in Mexico, where many of the original Marx molds now apparently languish.

To be fair, we are talking about a product that was first designed and manufactured in the United States nearly five decades ago!  Like his slightly older competitor G.I. Joe, Johnny West was originally only intended to be a toy for kids.

Further, even many of the original Johnny West bodies manufactured by Marx are now falling apart.  No one knows exactly why, but those old caramel colored poly plastic figures tend to crack and break, especially at the joints.

So, I suppose it's just a good thing that Johnny West is still being produced somewhere.  Well, of course, there are also the high quality Johnny West reproductions still being offered by Koehler Customs in the good old USA - which, if you happen to be in the market for a reissue Johnny West, I more than highly recommend.

But let's examine this Mexican made reissue Johnny, shall we?  Click the link below to check out the figure and decide for yourself just how well he compares to the vintage Marx version.

2:13 am jst

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