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Hey, Numb Nuts!  Are YOU an Action Figure... or a Doll?

Let's examine the age old conundrum: Action Figure or Doll?  So what exactly IS the difference between these two distinctive groups of top selling toys?  Let me give you a little hint: You will NOT find any dolls in the boy's aisles of the toy section at your local retailer and you most likely won't find too many action figures in the girl's aisles either.  That should tell you something right there!

I talk to people every now and then who insist that all toy figures that are cast in the image of real people can simply be classified as "dolls," no matter what marketing label they may be given.  Even my own nieces used to torment me on this issue!  Funny... how the girls want to insist that action figures are dolls, but none of my nephews who own action figures would be caught dead playing with a doll!

I was highly impressed by how nice Sideshow Collectibles' R. Lee Ermey figures turned out, so I simply couldn't resist putting together a tribute to The History Channel's Mail Call.  However, it's always seemed to me that Mini Ermey kind of gets a raw deal on the show most of the time.

Maybe not quite as raw as our old friend G.I. Joe though... since Mini Ermy is often seen berating a poor, vintage style G.I. Joe Marine in many of the episodes.  In any case, here he is folks, in his own sixth scale element - at large and in charge!

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More Adventures with 1:1 Scale Ermy and Mini Lee

Don't tell me you still need convincing?  Alright, then....  Have a look at the video below.  If the Gunny and Mini Ermey can't set you straight, most likely... NOTHING WILL!

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