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BTTF Time Machine Replicas

April 4, 2012, by Will Hoover

When it comes to Back to the Future collectible toys, mostly what is now and almost always has been available since the release of all three films in the 1980s is quite naturally, the Delorean Time Machine.  Entertainment Earth has released their own updated versions of the 1:15 (1:18?) scale vehicles, complete with lights and sound effects.

The Future - Then and Now

October 3, 2011, by Will Hoover

Unfortunately, since the first film debuted in 1985, very few action figures have been based on the likenesses of the stars of the Back to the Future trilogy.  All three versions of the BTTF Time Machine have been produced in a number of sizes throughout the years however.

That famously modified Delorean may always be the biggest star of all, but where would the film series have been without Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as eccentric genius Doc Emmet Brown?  Surely, the true heart and soul of the franchise springs from the superb performances of these and other timeless stars, such as Lea Thompson (Lorraine McFly) and Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen).

The two videos below showcase one of the classic original trailers and the 2010 re-make style advert that was made to promote the 25th anniversary theatrical re-release of the first movie.  The recreated footage seen in the second video is especially impressive and as always, Michael J. Fox still looks great as a somewhat aged Marty McFly.  "Back in time," indeed.

Minimates' Back to the Future 2 Time Machine

September 23, 2011, by Will Hoover

Here's John Ary of Articulation Times with a detailed review of the Back to the Future 2 Time Machine from Minimates.  Never been much of a fan of Minimates or the Lego look for action figures, but there is definitely a market for toys of this type and, as John here points out, this version of the classic BTTF Time Machine does have a few solid merits.

Is this the 50s or 1999?

This poster for the 25th anniversary re-release of the original film is a superb tribute to the Back to the Future trilogy.  AMC Theatres screened the movie nationwide in October, 2010.

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Back to the Future theme music by Alan Silvestri
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