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Wanted: Blade Runner Action Figures

To the best of my knowledge, there haven't been any major lines of action figures based on Ridley Scott's landmark film Blade Runner thus far, but I am confident that some will turn up sooner or later.  Due to the film's lasting cult appeal, customized figures of Blade Runner characters, usually Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), similar to the ones pictured below, tend to crop up from time to time, but none have as yet been mass produced in any significant numbers.

Blade Hunter figures, Roy Batty and Rick Deckard

The 1:6 scale likenesses of Deckard and Batty that have come out of the high end Asian collector's markets over the years have usually been sold under rather curious titles such as "Android Hunter" and "Blade Hunter," with the obvious name switches most likely being deliberate attempts to avoid the standard licensing fees.  Most serious fans of the film are aware of these products and may even own a set, despite their somewhat limited availabilty.

The two figures at left are pretty impressive and appear to be quite well crafted.  They're obviously the most recent, unlicensed, Chinese made "Hunter" figures (or customized version of them), but I'm not sure who the original photographer may have been.  Please drop me a line at if you have any information on this image or on these products in general.

In addition to the custom 1:18 scale Rick Deckard seen at right below, also has pics of Pris and Deckard custom action figures by Aneses.

Two variations of China based Brother Production's 1/6 scale Replicant Roy Batty

UK artist Justyn Lee's impressive 3 3/4" custom Rick Deckard takes aim at those pesky Replicants

Blade Runner Shooting Locations Revisited

The following video by Hervé Attia showing the filming locations used in the making of Blade Runner is really remarkable.   Attia doesn't stop there however.  This amazing movie fan has an impressive list of videos on his YouTube Channel (On The Set - HerveAttia's Channel) that depict himself against the backdrop of scenes from numerous classic films, such as Conan the Barbarian, E.T., Rebel Without a Cause,  the Rambo franchise, The Shawshank Redemption and The Terminator.

Attia's personal quest to visit the filming locations of his favorite movies is laudable enough, but the high levels of professionalism and craftsmanship that go into his fascinating video logs smack of museum style preservation.

The Original Theatrical Release Trailer
of the Film That Started It All

Here's the trailer from Blade Runner's original release in 1982.  I personally prefer that original cut of the picture, with Harrison's Ford's decidedly unenthusiastic narration and all.  It should be noted however, that this original trailer was NOT narrated by Mr. Ford.

In fact, by most accounts, the production of the movie was a decidedly unpleasant experience for just about everyone involved and, as might well be expected, when it came time to do voice overs for promotional materials for the film back in 1982, Harrison Ford was most likely either "not available" or perhaps, was not even asked.

Los Angeles, 2019...

Be sure to check out the official website for the film for all the latest details and updates.

Blade Runner and all related characters, marks and images are
owned by Ridley ScottWarner Brothers Studios and The Ladd Company
Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack music by Vangelis

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