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1:8 Scale World

1:8 Scale Action Figures

9 to 10" figures are awesome!  Besides the Toybiz Marvel Famous Covers and Hasbro's 9" Spider-man figures, the legendary MEGO toy company produced a number of 9" fully poseable action figures which are, even to this day, some of the very best action figures ever produced (in my humble opinion, of course).

Outside of Mego however, when I think of 9" figures I usually think of Playmates' wonderful Star Trek line. Playmates' basic body was definitely not as good as the classic Mego body because of its sad lack of articulation (including absolutely NONE WHATSOEVER in the wrists!) and strangely oversized hands, but the headsculpts were almost always spot on.

The Real Heroes!

Electronic Real Heroes

One of my favorite sets of 10" figures are the Electronic Real Heroes by Re:PLAY!  Produced in 2001, I believe they were mostly only available at Toys R Us.  I've never been able to dig up much information on these guys, but I try to snatch them up whenever I can find them.

The Real Heroes Police Officer is ready for action!

Here are the four basic carded figures that were available in retail stores in 2003.  There were at least two other figures in the Real Heroes line up that are not pictured on this page.  One was a Scuba Diver and the other was a Bomb Disposal Expert.

Each came as part of a play set with more accessories than the individually carded heroes pictured here.  My information about this line of toys is somewhat limited, so if you are personally aware of any other additions to this series, please feel free to write and let me know more about them.

All the packaging for these guys state that they actually feature 28 points of articulation, but I honestly can't count that many.  I can only count 17 at best and there are a few minor problems with some of the joint breaks.  For example, their ankle joints only move up and down, but not side to side.

Interestingly enough, the bodies used for these figures are actually very similar to the ones used for Hasbro's 1:8 scale superhero line of "retro cloth" figures, which featured costumes that were more or less sown onto them.

Each figure featured a mission card.  Clicking on each one below will make it actual size.  The smaller print is a little difficult to read, even on the original packaging because of the metal plate design.

Real Hereos Police Officer

Real Heroes SWAT Commander Info Card

Real Heroes Shuttle Pilot

Real Heroes Fire Fighter Info Card

Real Heroes Police Officer Info Card

Real Heroes SWAT Commander

Real Heroes Shuttle Pilot Info Card

Real Heroes Fire Fighter

Real Heroes Tech Talk Pack Diagram

The most notable aspect of the Real Heroes line was the Tech Talk Pack missions sold with every figure - a small, semi-transparent green plastic talk box with three miniature batteries that fit into the hollow chest cavity of the body.

When in place in the figure's torso, two small buttons on either side of the figure's neck projected out through carefully placed holes.  Pressing these buttons activated a series of "two-way voice communications" or sound effects.

Even uniform sets (mission pack sets) came with a mission oriented Tech Talk Pack.  Thus far, I am only aware of two additional uniform sets, but I plan to update this page as I learn more.

If you have any more information about the Real Heroes figures or would like to share photos and stories about your own collection, please feel free to contact me at

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