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"If it is possible, it's been done.
If it's impossible, it will be done."

Whether you grew up playing with IDEAL Toys' Evel Knievel action figures and vehicles of the 1970s, or weren't even born yet and missed them all together, fear not!  Figures Toy Company has the infamous daredevil in 8" and 12" sizes.  As if that weren't exciting enough, these wonderful toys are available in white and blue jumpsuit variations, too.

The images below are of first run factory samples.  First up are the 8 inch Evel Knievel figures.

The 12 inch versions seem to have a leaner, somewhat better proportioned look to them, but both sets of figures are quite impressive to be sure.

Evel Knieval Figures Toy Company

And what Evel Knievel toy tribute page would be complete without a classic IDEAL Toys TV commercial?  How about a "product feature video for a vintage 1970's Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle with Energizer Playset Toy" from Lucky Penny  Admit it; this all amounts to one heck of a lot of kidult sized devil may care, two wheeled toy and action figure fun!

And then below, there's this nice video production from CECOTOYS.  The vid actually takes a bit too long to really get geared up, and is pretty heavy on credits for such a brief production, but overall, it's incredibly informative and does an excellent job of showcasing the many wonderful vintage Evel Knieval toys that IDEAL released from 1973 to 1977.

Also be sure to check out these invaluable Evel Knievel/Ideal Toys web resources:
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Evel Knievel (TM) is a trademark of K & K Promotions Inc.
Evel Knieval action figures © 2013 Figures Toy Company

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