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The Ghostly Tale of Lady Margaret

The version of the song "Lady Margaret" by Cassie Franklin from the soundtrack of the 2003 film adaptation of Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain may be somewhat more familiar than the live version seen here in The Roe Family Singers video, but the introductory description detailing the background of the song is quite well stated and particularly informative.

Why does this particular song appear on the Ghosts page of Action Figure Universe?  "Lady Margaret" is an Appalachian/British folk song/GHOST STORY and it's not just delightfully chilling, but sad, timelessly poignant and quite universal.  This type of British folk/American country music isn't for everyone, but the paranormal tale of Sweet William and Lady Margaret is even connected to more familiar and well known classics, such as "The Ballad of Barbara Allen."

Read the lyrics to Lady Margaret (sometimes spelled "Margret") and you may soon discover how spine tingling this otherwise simple tale truly is.  The words should have particular resonance with anyone who's ever seen a figure standing at the foot of their bed, "all dressed in white," or even just heard tell of a similar version of this quite universal type of ghostly manifestation.

The video below is the version of the song that appears on the Cold Mountain soundtrack.  The lyrics differ somewhat from the song depicted in the Roe Family Singers video, but the story is essentially the same.

Cold Mountain is one of my favorite films.  I really love the myth inspired story, rich historic setting and mesmerizing visuals, and late director Anthony Minghella did an amazing job of adapting Charles Frazier's book into a film about the mythic odyssey of a Confederate American Civil War soldier trying to get back home to his lost love.

And speaking of Nicole Kidman, The Others is definitely one of the most thought provoking films about ghosts in recent memory.

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