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December 16, 2012. by Will Hoover

This Godzilla figure from the Shogun Warriors line by Mattel was one of my favorite toys as a kid.  As figures go, the Shogun Warriors were quite large, standing at nearly two feet (or 23 1/2") tall.  Well, except for Godzilla (Shogun-zilla), who was a mere 19" or so.  But what the figure lacked in height was more than made up for by the length of his detachable tail.

Naturally, not to be outdone by the robot figures of the series (all of which had numerous firing missles in their mechanical arsenals), the famed fire breathing radioactive monster had a big projectile of his own to fire; his own spring loaded right hand, no less!   This could be launched by pressing a semi-concealed button at the crux of the figure's inside right elbow.

With his hand operated flashing tongue of printed plastic flame and a tiny set of wheels for quick mobility on the bottom of his reptilian feet, how could a toy possibly be any cooler?  I hate to say it folks, but they definitely don't make 'em like this anymore!

Godzilla, perhaps the most unlikely of the Shogun Warriors

Besides being a fantastic place to view videos about Star Wars action figures and selected memorabilia, Maddwoba's Channel is a great place to explore the vintage line of Mattel Shogun Warriors of the 1970s.  In fact, the video below is quite a nice tribute to Mattel's Godzilla.

So, what toy did I miss out on Christmas morning, when I was a kid?  The Christmas of 1978, all I wanted in the whole wide world was a Cylon Centurion action figure from Mattel.  Although I got some nice toys that Christmas, Santa unfortunately didn't bring me a Cylon.

And to this very day, despite being a ravenous action figure collector, I still don't own one!  But... in retrospect, I have heard that the Cylon and Colonial Warrior figures were made rather cheaply, with parts that broke easily.  As a result, as you can imagine, mint condition, complete specimens in good working order tend to fetch pretty high prices on eBay
.  Oh well!

Burning Godzilla

December 16, 2012, by Will Hoover

Here's some serious action figure reviewing here, folks!  DiegoDoom's Channel really has some incredibly professional and quite informative vids for all us eager otaku!  So if you love Godzilla and Shogun Warrior type Japanese robot figures, this amazing channel comes highly recommended.

Godzilla Hatin'

And last, but not least, here's a cool video from baksiu12 featuring the decidedly calamitous relationship that Godzilla and Mechagodzilla apparently share.  The song from Three Days Grace is naturally entitled I Hate Everything About You.  Imagine that!

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