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Happy Halloween!

It Must Be Halloween

This video from Loneproducer's Channel is not just really well done with amazing visuals, but is also a perfect way to celebrate the Halloween holiday without being overly, well... scary.  Okay, it's kinda cutesy, but beyond the fact that it's a great Halloween vid, what it's doing here is that it features the venerable old MEGO 8" action figure "The Human Wolfman" at 0:27/2:13.  After all, as the writer of the song himself (Andrew Gold) says, "The wolf howls 'OWOOOOO,' The wind blows, WHEEEWWW, The witches laugh 'HEE HEE HEE,' so... "It must be Halloween."

Quoth De Lancie, "Nevermore."

What could possibly be creepier (or cooler for that matter) than hearing the dastardly voice of Star Trek villain/intergalactic super being Q himself reading Edgar Allan Poe's classic, spine tingling poem, The Raven?  I suppose hearing Poe himself do the reading would be infinitely creepier (given that he's been dead for more than a century and a half...), but actor John De Lancie definitely deserves props for lending his considerable vocal talents to a project that he has undertaken with none other than the legendary Leonard Nimoy.  Check out Alien to hear more timeless classics, read by some of the most memorable real life action figures in entertainment history.

Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie Welcome You to Alien Voices
Come celebrate the darkness by bringing your light.

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