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Will's Guide to Legendary Heroes

Echos of the Eternal Hero

Where would the Universe be without heroes and villains alike?  Yet are heroes always just the stuff of pop cultural myth and legend?  Look around and you may see any number of common folk that might not be considered all that exceptional at first glance, but when need arises, despite great adversity and a path often fraught with danger, suffering and self sacrifice, still manage to stand up to be counted among the valiant few who have the courage to do what they know is truly right and good.

For what makes a hero isn't necessarily a trademark costume, the gift of natural wisdom or any particular specialized skill set.  True heroism comes from deep within that limitless wellspring that is the human heart.  And it is the brightest of these souls among us, whose inner light forever shines as brilliantly as an undying star, that are eternal beacons of hope in the otherwise limitless darkness of the heavens above.  So, let us all aspire to be heroes.  Now and forever more.

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