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Get Lost, McFarlane!  Here Comes Bif Bang Pow!

February 17, 2012, by Will Hoover

The first series of figures based on the enormously popular Lost TV program were originally released in late 2006 by McFarlane Toys.  Though finely sculpted and highly detailed with excellent paint apps, the McFarlane Lost line is, more or less, the same run of the mill stuff that the Spawn-centric toy company has been churning out for years.

Yes, McFarlane's Lost figures are their usual brand of hyper realistic (though not always especially attractive) little plastic statues.  Though meticulously sculpted and highly detailed, these fine collectibles aren't the most poseable toys on the market.

McFarlane's painted mini-statue of the Sun character from ABC's Lost

What little articulation some of the McFarlane Lost characters from the two series produced thus far do feature is really not much to speak of, so it may be better to think of them as having pretty much NO ARTICULATION at all anyway.

In fact, other than that one measly pose you see them in in package, these so called Lost "action figures" are really just fine collectible FIGURINES that will most likely just collect dust on the shelf.

The folks at McFarlane seem to have learned their lesson of late however.  Their more recent HALO offerings (that feature roughly 20 points of articulation), thus far seem to be a much better fit for the mass market tastes of kids and adult collectors alike.

Then again, there will certainly always be a market for finely detailed miniature statues, such as the McFarlanized Sun-Hwa Kwon pictured at left (which is thankfully much prettier than the average McFarlane sculpt).

Painted plastic Lost figurines are nice to look at, but for fans of more highly poseable toys that are capable of true ACTION, the world has pretty much had to wait for someone else to get hold of the Lost license.  Enter Bif Bang Pow!, with their now defunct line of MEGO inspired 8" action figures based on the cult ABC series.

The Island of Lost Megos

Get a load of this video from megoscott's Channel.  Now this is one serious Lost fan!  Not to mention a MEGO fan (aka "Megohead") to be reckoned with by any means.  His Island of Lost Megos on Blogspot and Facebook is nothing short of impressive.  But then, what else would you expect from the talented creator of the online Mego Museum himself!

Lost in the Future of Lost

The TV series may have ended, but there are still plenty of devotees out there, still waiting for more Lost adventures.  Some may even yet still be stranded on remote islands, somewhere out in the South Pacific, perhaps even frozen in time like the various members of the Dharma Initiative team.  Who knows?  We may yet see an update to this enthralling scifi-fantasy franchise.  Until then, there's always to turn to for all the latest information and Lost updates.

Surely, this isn't the last Lost supper

Lost and all related characters, marks and images are the exclusive property of
the ABC Television Network and The Walt Disney Company

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