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1:9 Scale World

The Wonderful World of
MEGO & "MEGO-Like" Action Figures

The 1:9 Scale World is mostly populated by MEGO and "MEGO-like" heroes and villains, now popularly known as "retro cloth action figures."  Their amazing story began not so long ago in a legendary decade not all that far, far away.

Their world may be small, but 20cm figures of action and adventure are once again taking our own big blue marble by storm.  Back in the day, there were only Megos and an assorted collection of MEGO knock-offs, but nowadays, the ranks of the 1:9 scale crowd are swelling.

Now as in thrilling play time days gone by, 1:9 scale figures have got real cloth clothes!  Even more, they now have increasingly more highly detailed accessories, as well as an ever-expanding range of motion, thanks to new improvements in design and manufacture made by some of the newer companies that produce them.

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