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To Crush, Kill, Destroy or... Serve Man?
That is the Question

Robots, robots everywhere!  "Danger Will Robinson, danger!"  Click on the pic of your choosing below to visit just a few of the amazing worlds of action, adventure and imagination that await those intrepid human souls who dare venture into the boundless reaches of mechanized pop cultural myth and folklore.

Sometimes heroic and at other times certainly villainous, artificial lifeforms are often an integral part of the Action Figure Universe.  From the tin toy robots of yesteryear to the nightmarish saga of The Terminator, to transforming extra-terrestrial visitors battling it out on our humble little blue planet, kids of all ages have long marveled at the world of mechanical figures of action and adventure.


Astromechs R Us

At Toys Aren't Just For Kids :) Actionfigurexpert's Channel, you'll not only see a whole lot of action figures, but this wonderful collection of astromech droids from the Star Wars saga.  This is an amazing collection!

I'm quite sure all of these droids can be glimpsed somewhere in the Star Wars films and TV series, but it's still astounding that there have actually been this many variations of the handful seen in the 1977 original film.  Really makes you want to head right out and start your very own droid collection, doesn't it?  Happy hunting!

Get your own T-800 from Sideshow Collectibles!

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