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"Johnny Techman" Strikes Again!

Roger J. Berton is one creative guy.  His skill in graphic arts may only be eclipsed by his enthusiasm for pop culture and a wide variety of collectibles. 

Roger J. Berton - aka "Johnny Techman"

Roger in Mark Racop's Batmobile from Fiberglass Freaks

Roger describes himself as an, "explorer of the multiverse and other infinite impossibilities.   I guess you could call me an MOR geek or nerd," he explains, "with MOR meaning Middle Of the Road."

Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Superman, etc.

Various Batman vehicles, 3-D Iron Man poster, collectibles from Sin City, Machete, etc.

Pins from Star Trek, Batman, & many others

Pins from the 1990 Dick Tracy film, cartoon characters, etc.

Batmobiles and other miniature vehicles

Super articulated Spider-Man against the backdrop of shelves full of various collectibles

"Miniature Marvel mayhem," plus a Garfield Chicago Bears bank & a Chicago Cubs baseball

Wall to wall, shelf to shelf, Roger has a little bit of everything.  Well, maybe not quite everything, but his tastes in pop culture and related memorabilia are so varied, you can really see why he refers to his himself as a middle of the road, "explorer of the multiverse." 

The corner of Roger's bedroom, his "Fortress of Solitude."

Classic G. I. Joes, alien skull, Darths Vader & Maul, a Borg sphere, etc.

The items from the lower shelf are actually part of the collection of Roger's wife, Joni

Optimus Prime & other Transformers, planes and pilots

Various science fiction and super hero collectibles, etc.

Various superheroes, The Wolf Man, classic horror characters, Pokemon, etc.

From LEGO to classic robots, I guess one could say that the ever expanding collection of "Johnny Techman" is simply out of this world.

LEGO Mania!

Star Trek ships & characters, Jor-El, Godzilla, Clu-2, Tron Legacy vehicles, etc.

Battle Beasts

Minature Masters of the Universe

Lara Croft, Doctor Who TARDIS & figures, various cartoon characters, Chibi Gundam mechs, etc.

Wind up retro robots

This is one amazing collection that you really have to get in close to see.  As with any collection this extensive and varied, you never know what you might find.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Cowabunga, dude!

Light show

Spidey 2099, Gumby and Pokey too

The Tick

Super Rabbit & Bat Duck!

Babylon 5 characters

Rock Lords

NASA memorabilia and space exploration hold a special fascination for Roger.  As they say, "Space; the final frontier."

US manned Apollo space mission miniatures

Mars rover miniatures

Astronaut John Glenn themed miniatures

Astronaut miniatures

Speaking of the final frontier, Roger's love for both Star Trek and Star Wars is well represented in his collection.  And of course, there's always plenty of room for a whole lot of superheroes, too.  Whether its DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, or any comic book publisher that delivers similar quality, you can definitely count "Johnny Techman" in. 

Star Trek & Star Wars characters, creatures & vehicles

Jawa Sandcrawler diorama, various superheroes, Batman vehicles & The Wolf Man!

Star Wars Action Fleet vehicles, Star Wars miniatures, & a droid fighter model

Like many fans of the Star Wars films, the desert world of Tatooine, with its twin suns (home to generations of the Skywalker and Lars families), holds particular interest for Roger.  Here he displays his extensive Tatooine collection.

The planet Tatooine from the Star Wars saga, in miniature

Like most comic book, horror, fantasy and science fiction fans, Roger loves to attend conventions.  He particularly enjoys attending the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.

Who you gonna call? Chicago Ghost Busters, of course!

"Svengoolie" and Johnny Techman meet at last

Roger meets "Ultraman!"

Selected photos and artwork by Roger J. Berton - aka "Johnny Techman"
GIF images and other creative content by Will Hoover

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