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Star Trek Icons: Seven of Nine

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Seven of Nine from Sideshow Collectibles
7 inch Seven of Nine and Borg friends from Diamond Select Toys

Reexaming the Heroine
of Star Trek's Most Underrated Series

November 24, 2012, by Will Hoover

Seven of Nine here, from the Star Trek: Voyager TV series (1995 - 2001) cuts quite a figure, if I don't say so myself!  Unfortunately, this Borg beauty played to stunning perfection by lovely actress Jeri Ryan, is yet another one of Sideshow Collectibles "sold out" items.

This was a 1:4 scale "premium format" offering that was produced in two versions, one wearing a silver body suit and the other, much more rare, exclusive version, wearing scarlet.  I'm sure you can still find her out there somewhere on the second hand market if you're interested.  Perhaps on eBay.  Good hunting!

In the 1990s, Playmates Toys also produced a 12 inch Seven of Nine figure, as well as several 9 and 5 inch versions.  And I mean, why not?  After all, Seven's pretty darn cool, ain't she?

And who in their right mind, in the whole wide universe (or should the word universe, in quantum physics terms, be decidedly plural, with an 's?') DOESN'T LIKE... no, doesn't absolutely LOVE Seven of Nine; the slinky Borg character that may have actually single handily saved Voyager from an early cancellation grave?

Actually... a whole lot of would be Star Trek fans do not seem to not give a hoot, a lick or, sadly, a good old fashioned care for the Voyager TV series.  And all despite the fact that the show ran for seven complete seasons (SEVEN), just like every other major Star Trek series, save three.  The original series ran for three seasons, the animated series which followed it in 1974 played for only two, and Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled after just four complete seasons.

At any rate, there are apparently still legions of Treksters (Trekkies, Trekkers, what have you) out there who simply have no stomach (or appreciation perhaps) for all the great writing and wonderful characters that gradually, little by little, eventually became manifest in true glory on the much maligned UPN flagship series.

But why all the hate, you ask? That's a darned good question, actually.  Fans who prefer other incarnations of the futuristic franchise have been whining up a storm about Voyager and Seven of Nine specifically for a number of years now, often referring to the program as "the Seven of Nine show."  I wonder sometimes though, if many of them even bothered to watch all that many episodes of the series in its original run.

Perhaps, if some of these well meaning Trek aficionados would finally dig a little deeper, look below the show's mostly minor flaws and give a few of even just the better episodes of Voyager a second chance (with an eye towards a whole new perspective and a genuine sense of potential appreciation), then they might just discover what it is that makes Treksters like yours truly appreciate Star Trek: Voyager so very much.

Surely, the YouTube clips below give some indication of just how unsung and underappreciated, both the Seven of Nine character and the wonderful actress who brought her to life, really are.  Hopefully, like the original Star Trek series (which, by the way, didn't receive even half of its full due of fan and greater public appreciation until the show had hit the air waves in full blown syndication), Voyager will one day finally be given a much deserved second chance by an otherwise loyal scifi viewing public.

All in all, Seven of Nine is perhaps the brightest star in a series that quite simply, in my humble opinion, has yet to receive the full attention and appreciation that it so richly deserves.  Hopefully, that will all change in the future.  If nothing else, Star Trek has always been a shining beacon of hope for all good things yet to come.

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owns all copyright, trademark, wordmark, and servicemark references to Star Trek - All Rights Reserved
Star Trek: Voyager Main Title music by Jerry Goldsmith

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