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DiegoDoom Talks the Taku Sato Legacy
& Ex-Gokin Great Mazinger

December 16, 2012, by Will Hoover

Here's some serious Shogun Warrior reviewing here, folks!  Well, these classic robotic Japanese market figures don't necessarily go by their translated export names of course, but you get the idea.  One thing is for sure, DiegoDoom's Channel really has some incredibly professional and quite informative vids for all us eager otaku!  So if you love Shogun Warrior type robot figures, this amazing channel comes highly recommended.

Shogun Warriors

Although this is quite a lengthy video, it's more than well worth a view (or even two) since Maddwoba's Channel does such a wonderful job of not only illustrating the vintage line of Mattel Shogun Warriors of the 1970s, but he also delves into the different variations of each figure.

This dedicated Shogun Warrior fan even gives a brief history of the Marvel Shogun Warrior comics, as well as gives us a look at one of the tie-in Shogun Warrior coloring books
.  On top of all that... he even mentions the Super 7 Super Shogun Trooper figure that was released in 2010.

Of course it would be a dream come true for any robot toy collector to own a Super 7 Super Shogun Trooper figure, but at the going rate of nearly $300 US (outside of Japan) in most cases, I'm afraid a lot of people are going to be waiting a long time to get one of their own.

And just exactly WHY do the toy companies do stuff like this?  It's absurd that a collectible figure that was produced so recently (and in most cases, was actually manufactured in the same country, China) should cost that much!  Admittedly, since it was designed in Japan and produced in relatively limited numbers, the import price alone would send the going price skyward, but... come on, guys!

I'm sure somebody out there loves action figures and collectible toys in general more than I do (though I'm not sure who that could ever be), but PLEASE!  The price of many of the toys hitting the market today is simply getting way too far out of hand.  At any rate, below is the original Japanese TV commercial for the product.

Bandai Soul

Maddwoba's Channel is at it again with his review of Chogokin GX-47 Energer Z.  This giant fighting robot is NOT to be confused with Mazinger Z.  Both Japanese toy robots look quite similar however because Chogokin GX-47 Energer Z is actually based on the original concept protype for Mazinger Z.  Energer Z was later retro-fitted into the line to be yet another super robot controlled by a pilot.  In this case, by the soul of Chogokin GX-45 Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger).

Confused yet?  Don't be.  Just enjoy these wonderful action toy robots.  If, that is, you somehow manage to get your hands on one or more from outlets outside of Japan that don't cost you an imported robot arm or leg!

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