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A Tribute to Starlog Magazine

Remembering the "Most Popular
Science Fiction Magazine in the Solar System"

Ah, Starlog magazine! When I was a kid, I read every single issue that I could get my hands on from cover to cover.  Most of the Starlogs I did manage to get ahold of usually came courtesy of my own dear mother, who sometimes went to great lengths to help me locate and purchase the latest issue.  Which was sometimes no small feat, given that my family lived in a small town.

Funny... she never let me SUBSCRIBE though!  She always thought Starlog was too expensive, and to be fair, since the magazine never carried a lot of outside advertising, it was always somewhat higher priced than most other monthly periodicals on the news stand.

Yet somehow, I think having a subscription would have been a lot less hassle, time and trouble.  So naturally, I used to eagerly show her the ads in every new issue, quoting a yearly savings of 30 or 40% off the cover price.  Sadly however, I never did get my subscription to my favorite magazine of all time.  Such is life!

Now, all these years later, I find myself missing that marvelous compendium of good, honest, geeky, fan boy goodness more than ever.  Now especially, since it has gone out of print altogether.  Yet for 31 delightful years (1977 - 2008), Starlog was published in its country of origin, the United States, as well as abroad.

At present, and for the foreseeable future however, Starlog as a print magazine or even as a website is very much uncertain.   The publishers promised to bring it back in one form or another as recently as 2009, but thus far, nothing concrete has panned out and all we are left with is... well... something wonderful; 374 fantastic back issues!

So let's not say goodbye to good old Starlog just yet!  Hopefully, the magazine is only on a somewhat lengthy hiatus and has not completely gone the way of the dodo, but until we find out otherwise, let's pretend it IS on it's way back, shall we?  Click the following link to see a gallery of cool Japanese Starlog magazine covers.

Or... just keep scrolling down.  On this tribute page, I am planning to display each and every cover of Starlog ever published (in the USA anyway, though issues from other countries would be considered PURE GOLD as well).  So, if you ever were (or currently still ARE) as big a fan of Starlog magazine as I always have been, I'd appreciate any help you can provide in this endeavor.  Any pics, cover and/or interior scans of reasonably high quality would be very much appreciated.

Here's a great Starlog TV commercial from 1984.  I would definitely consider the majority of the 1980s and perhaps the early 90s to have been the magazine's heyday.

Starlog Magazine - From 001 to 374

Starlog Covers 001-050
Starlog Covers 051-100
Starlog Covers 101-150
Starlog Covers 151-200
Starlog Covers 201-250
Starlog Covers 251-300
Starlog Covers 301-350
Starlog Covers 351-374

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