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Star Trek

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Come on, intergalactic citizens!  The Federation needs you.  Join Starfleet and travel to the farthest stars, where no man has gone before.  So... what are you waiting for?  "Energize!"


Reopening Star Trek: The Original Series

June 20, 2012 - by Will Hoover

In June of 2012, the Detroit based Quintek Group Inc., a digital retouching studio, unveiled a nice little tribute to the original Star Trek series opener.  As their video introduction puts it, "This animation is an homage to one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi television shows ever to beam down to Earth.  Our goal was to try and capture the essence of what we found most enjoyable from the series for building this faux opening to this classic show."

It may not ever be a perfect replacement for the original, but it's so darned cool that one can't help but cheer these enterprising (if you'll pardon the play on words) artists and Star Trek fans on.  The only thing that I might have preferred is if they'd used the second original series opening.  You know, the one that includes the ever beloved Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the title sequence, thus completing the original series triumvirate.  Oh well.  It's still quite a nice little bit of retro styled awesomeness.  And then some!

Star Trek Alternate Title Intro from The Quintek Group on Vimeo.

1:6 Scale Original Trek Figures from Sci-fi Metropolis?

Ever wonder why not that many 1:6 scale action figures based on the original Star Trek series have been produced to date?  I certainly have, and it really mystifies me that, since the 70s, we've seen loads of 8 and 9 inch Trek figures and Kirk and Spock have even gotten the "ultimate 1/4 scale" treatment, but hardly any 12" original Star Trek figures to speak of.

That is, except for the few that have intermittently been put out by Playmates Toys over the years.  Unfortunately however, Playmates Star Trek action figures have almost always lacked articulation, and I have personally never been impressed with the sculpting on their 5" line of Trek toys.  Head sculpts for the larger figures have always been quite good though, almost always effectively capturing the likenesses of pretty much all the characters they've immortalized in plastic.

A Piece of the Action

Then there are the legendary Sci-fi Metropolis Star Trek 12" figures that never quite were.  Well, they were 1:6 scale in prototype form, but for some unknown reason, they ended up being released in 1:4 scale versions and thus far, only Kirk and Spock have been put into production.  Star Trek fan extraordinaire James Sawyer has a wonderful page on his "A Piece of the Action" blog that gives more fascinating details about these 12" Star Trek figures that really should have been.

Click on the photo link below to go directly to Sawyer's impressive collection of pics of the unproduced 1:6 scale Kang figure, as well as a host of other intriguing images of classic Star Trek character prototypes that unfortunately, never quite make it into production.  Naturally, while you're there, don't forget to browse his blog for more wonderful Star Trek figure reviews and photo essays.

How to Make Your Own "Blu-ray Laser Phaser"

Below is a fantastic how-to video from Kipkay's Youtube Channel (Kipkay's Hacks, Pranks & How-to) that actually shows (roughly) how to convert a Diamond Select Toys classic Star Trek phaser into something that is about as close as the average Earther is realistically going to come to a real laser weapon in our as yet, arguably "backward" little 21st century.  Interestingly enough, Kipkay used a Playstation III laser assembly to modify his phaser replica, and the final result is nothing short of impressive.

The only thing that bugs me however, is the fact that in the process of conversion, he has left off the small, thin nib projection of the classic Trek Type II Federation weapon, to presumably make sure that the blue-ray laser light can illuminate as brightly as possible.  The end result is cool, but being that it isn't 100% Trek universe accurate, one can only assume that this nifty little trick is only going to satisfy some hardcore Trekkers/Trekkies (as the case may be).

It's still a remarkably clever conversion though, so if you have the parts, the time and are so inclined, you may even want to give this trick a try.  It would certainly be a huge hit at any Star Trek or Sci-fi related convention and if anyone tries to get too close, to inspect your new fangled "blue-ray laser phaser," you can always let 'em have it with your very own, suped-up, futuristic weapon of choice!  There are actually an impressive array of Star Trek replica phasers from the different incarnations of the long-running franchise available, so there is definitely a lot to choose from.

Kipkay even has a website that, like his Youtube channel, gives lots of tips, tricks and how-tos about how to improvise all sorts of rather... well... may I say "juvenile" pranks?  In particular, his April Fool's Poop Prank is certainly... well... so as not to get too far from the Trek theme of this particular article, simply "fascinating."  His admittedly well made April Fools Poop Prank video even features helpful information about how to acquire your very own "Liquid Ass" (and no... I'm NOT providing a link for that)!  All in fun, I suppose, but as with all pranks, practical jokes and the like, do excercise caution and don't forget to keep it in good taste

Phasers, Tricorders and All That Good Stuff

Star Trek TOS prop replicas

Look out!  The folks at are selling original series Star Trek replicas and man, are they cool!  I would've killed for a set of toys this detailed when I was a kid.  These are seriously nice replicas and I think I could go so far as to say that if you compared them to the painted wood props used on the original show, there'd just about be no contest.  The Diamond Select replicas would almost certainly be more durable and a lot more fun to play with.

eBay usually has plenty of Star Trek  prop replicas and action figures from the various series and movies of the franchise on offer and even produced its own excluse "gold handle" version of the classic still has a few in stock, so get yours today!

Art Asylum and Diamond Select Do Star Trek Justice

Diamond Select Toys has done a great job of distributing Star Trek action figures since they acquired the lucrative sci-fi franchise license in the early 2000s.  The 7" Art Asylum figures pictured below are some of the best ever in terms of accuracy and detail.  Each character features roughly 20 points of articulation and most come equipped with very nice, screen accurate accessories.  Click here to see a gallery of what has been produced thus far.

Star Trek TOS Spock, Kirk and Dr. McCoy
I built the landscape in the background for this shot of the Original Series triumvirate.

It's All Happening at the Museum!

To see the vintage original Star Trek Mego action figures in all their glory, head over to the Mego Museum or click on the image below to view the Museum's fantastic Star Trek Mego trading cards, numbers 39 to 52.  The talented folks at the Museum produced exciting card images for all 14 of the original 8" figure collection.

Mego Planet of the Apes Trading Cards!

Viacom, the parent corporation for Paramount Studios and CBS, Inc.,
owns all copyright, trademark, wordmark, and servicemark references to Star Trek - All Rights Reserved
Star Trek theme music by Alexander Courage


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