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Stephen Pisani - Sci-fi/Horror Collector

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Stephen Pisani - Actor, Composer, Stuntman, Collector

A Hollywood Professional with a
Passion for Collecting

Stephen Pisani is a man of many talents, with a colossal appreciation of the very best that pop culture mythology has to offer.  Beyond his considerable passion for collecting sci-fi and horror memorabilia, Stephen has worked as both an actor and a stuntman in a number of movies and television productions.

And that's not all!  Stephen is also an accomplished musician and singer.  He plays multiple instruments and actually had his first national television debut in 1950 on The Joe Franklin Show.  Take a good look at just a few of the super cool items from this man's amazing collection below - and don't forget to stop by his show stopping, fantastic web page, Fear for Sale!

Selected photos by Stephen Pisani
GIF images and other creative content by Will Hoover

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