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Ever Above and Beyond the Ordinary

Superheroes are quite literally the ultimate representation of men and women of action and adventure in the modern human psyche.  They are therefore the model for some of the most widely produced and marketed lines of toys in the world today.

Whether we see them through the prism of pop culture as costumed crime fighters, nefarious super villains or otherwise simple everyday citizens challenged by extraordinary circumstances to rise above and beyond, we are captivated by their amazing deeds and can also identify with their all too human weaknesses.

Like the ancient gods of myth and legend, superheroes are the timeless denizens of our collective human soul, and forever serve to awe and inspire mere mortals of all ages.  Click on the portal images below to be transported to the comic book multiverse of your choosing.

DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Stop Motion Superheroes

The use of commercially produced action figures for stop motion animation videos seems to be very much on the rise these days.  Like pretty much all types of content to be found on the Internet, such projects range from the highly professional to the shameless and pathetically amateur, the worst of which tend to leave the viewer wondering whether the individuals who took the time and trouble to produce and eventually upload such blatantly awful stuff really took the entire project seriously to begin with.

The worst examples seem to be the vids where a couple of guys hold and lightly shake a figure or even several in frame, while doing a pretty terrible job off screen of mimicking the voices of the various featured characters.  Though in all fairness, this last category wouldn't technically be called "stop motion" anyway  - though when I encounter vids like that, I very much wish they'd been just a little more industrious, or simply a bit more reverent to the subject matter.

Thankfully, ocdeuce22 of Kyle Roberts Youtube Channel definitely has done some highly impressive animations featuring such action figure personalities as Michael Jackson and several incarnations of 007 from the James Bond film franchise.  Kyle Roberts' Wall-E Meets Michael Jackson (stop motion-Thriller Dance Off) video is particularly impressive, as is the beautifully shot, superhero themed, Iron Man vs Batman: Interactive Stop Motion Parody video featured here.  Be sure to check out Kyle Robert's Channel for more super powered superhero and comic book related fun.

It's All Happening at the Museum!

To see the vintage original line of MEGO's World's Greatest Superheroes action figures in all their glory, head over to the Mego Museum or click on the image below to view the Museum's fantastic trading cards, numbers 1 to 38.  The talented folks at the Museum have produced exciting card images for every one of the original Superhero themed 8" figure collection.

Click here!

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