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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

All New Heroes in a Half Shell
from Playmates & Toys "R" Us 

July 23, 2012

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are yet again gearing up to take the Action Figure Universe by storm.  This time around, Nickelodeon is relaunching the franchise with an all new animated series set to premiere on Saturday, Sept. 29, at 11:00 a.m. (ET/PT).

Naturally, Toys "R" Us (arguably the coolest toy store ever to grace the face of planet Earth) is leading the charge by being the first to release Playmates Toys' newest versions of everyone's favorite heroes in a half shell.  In a press release dated July 18, 2012, Market reported that the new figures would even be displayed in a special "dedicated space at each Toys"R"Us store."

How do these newest figures based on the amphibian inspired franchise measure up to the TMNT offerings released by NECA in 2011?  Besides the fact that the NECA Turtles feature a lot more points of articulation (since Playmates' heroes in a half shell only have twelve POA in total), it may be relatively pointless to compare the two lines, since the NECA products were crafted with the original Eastman and Laird comic books in mind.

As a result, each NECA Turtles character had the distinctive look and feel of the characters as they appeared on the printed page back in the mid 1980s; complete with the trademark red bandannas and brown accessories that all four turtle characters originally shared.  The now ubiquitous color scheme, with each turtle sporting a distinctive hue to differentiate them for young audiences in the original cartoon series, is of course employed yet again by Playmates in their brand new line.

1986 - 3rd printing cover of TMNT Book 2 showing each turtle character in matching red bandannas

In the video below, prolific toy vlogger Toys210 gives us a great view of all four of the basic carded turtles figures that are currently retailing for $8.99 a piece in Toys "R" Us stores.  As of this writing, these products were listed as "out of stock for shipping" online from however, so I suppose that means we've gotta get 'em at Toys "R" Us stores while supplies last.  Happy hunting, Turtles fans!

Turtle Power!

March 1, 2012

Here's Kyle Roberts of
Ocdeuce22's Youtube Channel and Reckless Abandonment Pictures, with yet another highly impressive and awesomely entertaining stop motion video.  This time around, Roberts and his industrious team of like minded "creatives" assembled and edited over 4,000 individual images to fashion a nostalgic tribute to the original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.

The highly articulated TMNT action figures recently released by NECA were put to excellent use by Roberts and company to create a frame by painstakingly crafted frame reproduction of the original cartoon series intro.  Highly instrumental in this process, was artist Nathan Poppe, who not only appears in the live action sequences of the video, but even lends his considerable talents to the creation of over 60 vibrantly rendered background drawings that beautifully compliment the stop motion action.

As an added bonus, The Boom Bang, an Oklahoma based "garage surf punk" band, provides an impressive cover of the TMNT cartoon theme song.  And... as if all that weren't enough, the entire project was even sponsored by Kevin Stark, curator of the Toy and Action Figure Museum.  Stark could certainly be considered the perfect man for the job, since he also happens to have been a leading member of the production team that designed the very first line of Playmates Ninja Turtles toys!

Now THAT is definitely cool!  Or, as the Turtles themselves would most certainly exclaim, "Cowabunga, dude!"

As if the awesome stop motion video presentation wasn't cool enough, Kyle Roberts has also released a documentary that features exclusive interview footage and behind the scenes info galore.  I love how professionally this clip was produced and presented.  Very impressive stuff, indeed.

Oh, and by the way, the link for the free download of the cartoon series cover by The Boom Bang can also been found here.

As outlined in the Making of video above, Kyle Roberts even found himself doing a bit of customizing on the NECA Turtles figures.  Since all of the character's masks were red, just as they appeared in the original comic by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the colors had to be changed to more closely match the original cartoon intro.

Photo and customized NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Kyle Roberts

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