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S.T.A.R. - The Rarest of Bad Robots

This 3 3"4" S.T.A.R. robot action figure from The Black Hole line of classic MEGO toys is, without a doubt, among the rarest of the rare that still survive from the now defunct company's heyday.  Basically, what happened is that the 1979 movie was not as well received as say... the first Star Wars film had been just a couple short years before, so MEGOs pre-planned line of character toys based on the Disney film ended up bombing in the retail market.

As a result, the second wave of figures from the 1:18 scale line (that included S.T.A.R., Old B.O.B. and a Humanoid) was mostly only released in Canada and other locations overseas.  So, as you can imagine, these three are now among the coveted few for MEGO enthusiasts and fans of The Black Hole alike.

Many collectors contend that the Humanoid is the rarest 3 3/4" MEGO Black Hole action figure of them all.  AND... there are even two known variations (packaged with or without cloth boots) so that makes the Humanoid even more RARE!  In any case, S.T.A.R. here is my absolute favorite figure from the line.   And boy, is he cool in the film!

Disney's The Black Hole

Here's the trailer for the original theatrical release of The Black Hole.  I have particularly fond memories of this Disney classic.  It featured a supporting cast of quite notable actors and the special effects, for the time, were pretty impressive.  Yet probably the most memorable thing of all about this nearly forgotten gem is all the wondeful robot characters.  Be forewarned however, the sound on this particular YouTube offering is a bit low.

GIF images, creative content and writing by Will Hoover
The Black Hole and all related characters, marks and images are the exclusive property of the Walt Disney Corporation
The Black Hole Original Motion Picture Soundtrack music by John Barry

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