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The Archetypal Frontier

Although the countless fantastic realms of science fiction and fantasy make up a very large sector of Will's Action Figure Universe, here you may also find a wondrous playground, within which to explore the mythic past of the Old American West.  Here, soaring high among the heavens, far above the vast untamed open ranges, dwell the great Western Stars of pop cultural myth and folklore.

Come along with me as we gaze upward and let our imaginations take flight.  Together, let us plumb the depths of the not so distant past, to return once again to "those thrilling days of yesteryear," when all manner of brave settlers, untamed mountain men, cowboys and treacherous outlaws dared venture into the uncharted wilderness that once was the great American frontier.

Yet even greater still, are the many indigenous tribes and nations that once ruled this vast continent.  Let us return then, to a time and place when these proud peoples still inhabited their various homelands, or roamed free over the mighty Great Plains.  May their timeless stories forever be written in the firmament below, and upon the churning winds of the cool evening sky above.

The Lone Ranger
Marx Best of the West

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